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LibusbJava is a Java wrapper for libusb developed and maintained at the NTB.


This projects provides the necessary shared libraries in C++ and Java classes to access libusb trough the Java Native Interface. The class ch.ntb.usb.LibusbJava loads the shared library and provides the native interface to access the underlying libusb.
The source code is available at The code is organized as follows:

  • java → the java source code
  • LibusbJava → the shared library

LibusbJava is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
For any feedback or suggestions please use the Sourceforge project page at

You can use an USB-Device with LibusbJava with few steps: create a Context, search a Device, open it, claim an Interface and then you are ready to transfer data to your device (see First Steps).


2015.06.20: New website

New website was released.


  • LibusbJava has limited API at the moment. It is implemented just as far as we use it at the NTB with the MPC555 USB BDI.


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